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"the truth is still out there, but maybe stanger than you think."
파일럿, 두번째, 세번째 에피소드는 일요일 표준시 밤 9:00, 이후 금요일 9:00 고정
1aeb79 2001/03/04 the lone gunmen (pilot)
1aeb01 2001/03/11 bond, jimmy bond
1aeb02 2001/03/16 eine kleine frohike
1aeb03 2001/03/18 like water for octane
1aeb04 2001/03/23 three men and a smoking diaper
1aeb06 2001/03/30 madam I'm adam
1aeb05 2001/04/06 planet of the frohikes :
short history of my dreaming of captivity
1aeb07 2001/04/13 maximum byers
1aeb08 2001/04/20 diagnosis: jimmy
1aeb10 2001/04/27 tango de los pistoleros
1aeb09 2001/05/04 the lying game
1aeb12 2001/05/11 all about yves (season finale)
1aeb11 2001/06/01 the capt'n toby show (F/X rerun에 포함)
9ABX15 2002/04/21 jump the shark (finale, 엑스파일 시즌 9 크로스오버)
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